Casa Manolón - Rural tourism accommodation in western Asturias
COVID-19 protocol

COVID-19 protocol

Casa Manolón has a COVID-19 Contingency Plan that guarantees compliance with safety and health prevention protocols. The management of our rural accommodation establishes a series of measures certified by the Responsible Tourism distinctive of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

Contingency Plan Vacation home Casa Manolón

  • Registration number: VV-773-AS

The Contingency Plan for rural accommodation Casa Manolón follows the guidelines of the Specifications Guide for reducing the spread of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus in the tourism sector. The Autonomous Communities, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, social agents and the Spanish Association of Occupational Prevention Services have participated in the preparation of the Guide, coordinated by the Institute of Tourism Quality, an entity to which the Secretary of State for Tourism has commissioned this work.

The Casa Manolón Vacation Home Contingency Plan is a self-control document that clients will be aware of when making reservations.

The collaboration of all is urged to comply with the preventive and hygienic measures that arise from it.

The person responsible for this Contingency Plan is Ms. Sara Freije Zazo, DNI 71673958R, promoter of the establishment and in charge of supervising preventive measures to reduce contagion by the SARS-Co V-2 coronavirus as well as the plan itself cleaning.

The decision-making processes contained in this document may be modified depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the guidelines issued by the health authorities.

As a general rule, the Casa Manolón Holiday Home has set an interval of 72 hours between the departure of one family unit of clients and the arrival of the next in order to proceed with the necessary cleaning, ventilation and disinfection and in order to ensure greater security for customers.

Due to the delicate health situation, the amount of the reservations will be refunded whenever unavoidable circumstances arise that prevent occupying the accommodation.


1.1 Reception and reception service

  • At the time of booking confirmation, customers will be asked to accept the security measures implemented in the establishment.
    The person in charge of receiving clients will do so with a mask and maintaining the minimum interpersonal safety distance.
    The house keys will be delivered disinfected and after the end of the stay, the clients will deposit them in the house mailbox for a new disinfection with hydroalcoholic solution.
  • Payment will be made, preferably, by credit card or any other electronic means.
  • Customers will have at their disposal tourist information brochures related to the destination, restaurants and tourist attractions in the area that will be for individual use. This information can also be consulted at the following addresses:









  • The establishment includes the related information measures:

✓ Signage with preventive measures implemented in the establishment and guidelines to be followed by customers

✓ Self-protection measures.

✓ Cleaning and disinfection plan.

✓ Information on emergency telephone numbers and nearby health centers and hospitals.

  • Clients will have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at their disposal at the entrance of the house.
  • The house is for full rental, so customers will not have contact with other guests, although, in any case, they must comply with fundamental sanitary measures such as regular hand washing, maintaining a safety distance and the use of a mask.

1.2 Accommodation

The following measures will be applied:

  • The toilet bins have a lid, are provided with an inner bag and are operated with a pedal. Trash cans have been removed from the rooms.
  • The kitchen has a pedal-operated bin with a bag for waste collection.
  • The decorative elements of bedrooms, dining room and living room have been minimized in order to provide greater security to customers.
  • Extra blankets and pillows as well as foot rugs have been removed from the bedrooms.
  • The coconut fiber mats for access to the house have been replaced by vibro rubber mud cleaners in order to facilitate disinfection.


2.1 Cleaning plan

  • The accommodation will adapt its cleaning and disinfection plan after each occupation, paying special attention to the areas of greatest contact such as surfaces, knobs, sinks, taps, doors, keys, TV remote control, toilet discharge button, terrace railing. and furniture from the antojana.
  • The accommodation guarantees adequate ventilation of all the rooms of the house before it is occupied by new clients.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned with disinfectant products authorized by the Ministry of Health: Sanytol, Lejía Conejo and SaniCentro, keeping the product label and the purchase receipt.
  • The client will have knowledge of the cleaning records made in the home, indicating the dates and disinfection products used.
  • The management of the accommodation provides a cleaning kit to the clients (scourer, cloth and dishwasher).
  • The client must empty the bins before leaving the accommodation, taking special care not to leave any food or drink in the refrigerator, kitchen or cupboards.
  • The person in charge of cleaning will use gloves and a mask that they will discard after use, in accordance with the sanitary protocol, washing their hands afterwards. After cleaning, he will remove all the clothes and footwear that he is wearing and proceed to wash them.
  • The cleaning staff will not enter the house until the clients have left it.

2.2 Cleaning requirements in bedrooms

  • The cleaning and disinfection of the rooms in the context of COVID-19 specifically contemplates the ventilation of the room, the replacement of towels and bed linen.
  • The curtains, bedspreads and cushion covers will receive the same washing and disinfection treatment as the rest of the lingerie.
  • Special attention will be paid to cleaning walls, floors, ceilings, mirrors, windows, furniture and other functional elements as well as any surface or equipment with a high level of use or contact.
  • The clients will place the bed linen and also the towels and tablecloths in hermetically sealed bags that the accommodation management will give them at the time of occupying the house and that will be closed before proceeding with their washing. Avoid placing textiles on the floor.
  • In order to avoid cross contamination, bags with dirty clothes will be removed from the rooms and cleaned and disinfected before the replacement of towels and bed linen.


  • In the event that maintenance personnel must enter the home while the clients are staying there, they must inform them. He will be provided with a mask and gloves and once the work is finished, the manipulated surfaces will be disinfected.
  • If customers are in the home, they will be asked to put on their masks or to maintain a safety distance.


  • The two fundamental elements to carry out a correct action are isolation and communication of the case.
  • If a client is considered a suspected case of Covid-19 infection (rapid onset respiratory process that is accompanied by fever, cough or feeling of shortness of breath, in addition to other possible symptoms such as loss of taste, smell or pain Muscles, must remain isolated in their room avoiding physical contact with the rest of the people in the house and contact the emergency services and the promoter of the accommodation.

Emergency numbers

  • Boal Health Center: 985 62 02 97
  • Jarrio Hospital: 985 63 93 00
  • HUCA (Central University Hospital of Asturias): 985 10 80 00
  • Emergencies: 112
  • Emergency Covid-19: 900 878 232 112 by dialing below 1
  • Boal Town Hall: 985 62 00 03

Responsable tourism

The Casa Manolón Holiday Home has the Responsible Tourism distinctive that certifies its commitment to the application of the guidelines and recommendations contained in the Guide for the reduction of contagion by the SARf-Co V-19 coronavirus in the tourism sector.

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