Casa Manolón - Rural tourism accommodation in western Asturias
Nature and hiking plans

Nature and hiking plans

The Recreational Area of Puente de Castrillón

A paradisiacal natural space located one kilometer from Casa Manolón, with a river beach, trampoline, a jetty for canoeing and areas with tables and grills to hold a barbecue on the banks of the Navia River.

Located at the mouth of the Muñón River, it is a mountainous area in the Penácaros mountain range, covered with poplars, chestnut trees and strawberry trees. From the Recreational Area of the Castrillón Bridge you can see the abutments of the old suspension bridge, inaugurated in 1925 and built with the effort of the residents of the parish.

The best routes in the area

Walking paths and trails or reaching the top of a mountain are possibilities offered by the council of Boal. Thanks to its orography, the area is a hiking paradise with a wide variety of routes.

  • Route Viesgo de los Miradores del Navia, a circular route of approximately 12 km, starting and ending at the Castrillon Bridge and of enormous attraction; with water mills, streams, hermitages, granaries, reservoirs and a lush forest with a variety of species.
  • Route of Froseira, Cova del Demo and Pico del Cuco, 8 km circular route, with spectacular views.
  • Penouta route, crossing the Penouta and San Isidro mountain ranges.
  • Route of A Pena del Mesón, passing through Alto del Rulo and Chao de A Braña, with huge slates placed or as a table where it is said that the iron carriers rested in the s. XIX.
  • Route of Os molíos, os cortíos y os caleiros, named for the constructions that are found along it.
  • Prao Roque, Gargalois and Carondio route, which passes through the councils of Illano, Villayón and Boal passing through the beautiful village of Fuentes Cabadas.
  • Illano Suspension Bridge Route and Folgueirou Recreation Area.
  • Coastal shipping route from Barayo beach to Navia beach.
  • Route of the forts through the military sites and burial mounds of the council of Boal.