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A town to feel free

A town to feel free

Castrillón de Boal is a small town in western Asturias, the head of a parish, which is part of the Boal council, one of the interior councils of the Navia Historical Park, from whose capital, the town of Boal, is 10 kilometers away.

The town is located 200 meters above sea level on the right bank of the Navia River and has 34 inhabitants.

Castrillón is located one kilometer from the mouth of the Muñón River, where the Castrillón Bridge Recreational Area is located, with a jetty for canoeing on the Navia River and a river beach. It is also the starting point of the Ruta Viesgo de los Miradores del Navia, a path of great scenic beauty.

A town with human and natural charm

The main tourist interest of Castrillón is the landscape, with abundant and varied vegetation, as well as the hospitality of its neighbors, friendly and welcoming, who enjoy life without haste in a privileged environment, taking care of their language with care, «a fala », Their traditions and their culture.

A walk through the town enjoying the silence allows you to discover a good number of granaries, huts and some bread baskets, traditional agricultural constructions that, together with the single-family houses, on a slate roof and hipped, give Castrillón a particular aesthetic.

Castrillón of Boal

Walks full of stories

The surroundings of Castrillón de Boal allow you to enjoy walks full of history and, above all, stories.

For example, the school of the town, inaugurated in 1918 and financed by the Society of Natural Instruction of the Council of Boal in Havana, which financed most of the schools of the council. Or the church, with a baroque style altarpiece, and the small chapels of the parish. And the laundry, once a meeting place for the women of the town.

Beyond the town, a 30-minute walk towards Monaso, you can see the great granite stone cross, known as the Christ of Monaso, the fruit of a mysterious legend; and observe the spectacular colors of the hives where the bees enjoy optimal conditions, away from contamination.

A historic bar shop

Castrillón has a bar-shop founded in 1953, a cozy place with the charm that rural establishments preserve, where you can buy almost everything.

Seventy years later, it remains as a meeting place for the neighbors. They offer meals on request, with typical dishes of the area prepared by expert hands and with the best products of the region.

They have a nine-seater taxi service for all kinds of excursions.

Fifteen minutes from Boal

Boal, capital of the council, a town famous for its honey and chiastolite, a legendary mineral, has a health center, pharmacies, a library, a swimming pool, small shops of all kinds, as well as good restaurants to enjoy a meal.

In 2014, the associative and neighborhood movement of the municipality of Boal received the award for Exemplary Town of Asturias from the Princess of Asturias Foundation, valuing its efforts in the defense and conservation of its cultural and artistic environment.

16 non-profit associations coexist in the council, among which is the Escudería Motor Club Castrillón, based in the town of Casa Manolón, and which annually organizes the Ascent to Castrillón, scoring for the Asturias Mountain Championship.