5 plans for your getaway to the heart of the Navia Historical Park
5 plans for your getaway to the heart of the Navia Historical Park

5 plans for your getaway to the heart of the Navia Historical Park

The Navia Historical Park is a region that encompasses several councils in Western Asturias, from the coast to the interior, integrating the municipalities of Boal, Illano, Coaña, Tapia de Casariego, El Franco, Villayón, Grandas de Salime, Pesoz and Navia. The Navia River, in the past the most salmon-growing in the region, is the hallmark of an environment with a landscape different from that of other areas of Asturias, more mountainous and wild, more irregular, giving the gaze of visitors continuous surprises. The council of Boal, where Castrillón is located, the town of Casa Manolón, is one of the municipalities that form the heart of the Navia Historical Park. Next, we propose five plans in the Navia Historical Park to enjoy at any time of the year (with good weather better).

Barbecue in the Recreational Area of ​​Puente de Castrillón

An ideal environment to spend a day of rest and leisure with family or a group of friends. The Puente de Castrillón Recreational Area has different areas with tables and grills to enjoy a barbecue on the banks of the Navia River. In addition, the area has a river beach, even a diving board. It is also an ideal place for canoeing, sailing or fishing.

Área Recreativa del Puente de Castrillón

Excursion to the Cova del Demo

Although it is closed to protect the cave paintings inside, reaching the Cova del Demo (the demon’s cave) through the forests around Froseira, with the Pico del Cuco presiding over the path, is a real pleasure for the senses. After the steep climb, the prize will be the views. There are several possibilities to plan the excursion, with routes of different lengths.

Ruta de la Cova del Demo y Pico del Cuco

Navia Viewpoints Route

Leaving from the Puente de Castrillón Recreational Area, this eleven-kilometer circular path is perfect for enjoying the Navia River and understanding the beauty of the region. It runs through the towns of Silvón, Doiras and Piñeira, arriving again at the Castrillón Bridge. Its difficulty is medium and it can also be done by bicycle.

Ruta de los Miradores del Navia

Boal Indian Architecture Tour

The town of Boal, capital of the council of the same name, 2014 Award for the Exemplary People of Asturias, keeps in its streets authentic jewels of Indian architecture, houses (almost palaces) sponsored by emigrants to America in the 20th century. It is worth strolling through the village and discovering the interesting stories of the local history. The best plan is to combine this visit with a meal in one of the great restaurants in Boal.

Arquitectura indiana en Boal

Canoeing in the Doiras reservoir

The Navia River has three reservoirs (Dorias, Arbón and Grandas de Salime), so it is not possible to navigate it continuously. In addition to the Puente de Castrillón Recreational Area, the Doiras reservoir is highly recommended for canoeing or canoeing. Go upstream into the beautiful surroundings on the banks of the Pico del Cuco, towards the council of Illano.

Embalse de Doiras para paracticar piragüismo

Now that you know the best plans in the Navia Historical Park, you only have to make a reservation at your favorite rural accommodation. You will enjoy unforgettable days in a unique nature destination in Asturias.